ISO 37000 2021 Governance of Organizations Guidance Foundation Course International

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This foundational course will assist you in understanding the basic principles of ISO 37000.

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The International Organization for Standardization has published the first ever international benchmark for good governance with unanimous approval. The International Standard, ISO 37000, provides guidance for the governance of organizations and a common language for all sizes and types of organizations across jurisdictions.

“The pursuit of purpose is at the centre of all organizations and is, therefore, of primary importance for the governance of organizations. Good governance of organizations lays the foundation for the fulfilment of the purpose of the organization in an ethical, effective
and responsible manner in line with stakeholder expectations.” ISO 37000:2021

Good governance not only builds trust, it improves business performance and contributes to social and environmental integrity. ISO 37000 provides governing bodies with the tools they need to govern well, such that their organizations can perform effectively while
behaving ethically and responsibly. This internationally accredited digital course is presented by the standard’s co-editor, Carolynn Chalmers, and provides an excellent foundational understanding of ISO 37000.


What you will learn
• This foundational course will assist you in understanding the ISO 37000 conditions, principles and outcomes
• Appreciate the primary governance principle of purpose
• Understand the integrated nature of the foundational governance principles
• Identify and know the enabling governance principles
• Grasp the governance outcomes resulting from the primary, foundational and enabling governance principles
• Identify the roles involved in the governance of organizations


Who should attend
• Directors
• Trustees
• Company Secretaries
• Executives and Leaders
• ESG and GRC practitioners
• Auditors
• Accountants
• Compliance professionals
• Risk professionals
• Regulators
• Council members and students of governance and business science


Course Fee (Inc VAT)
R9,950.00 per person (Including APMG exam). USD $665 , CAD $895, EUR €580, GBP £499
Excluded from fee:The above fee exclude the ISO 37000 standard, which we recommend be purchased from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO): or South African Bureau of Standards:


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