Level 2 Secrets to being an effective company secretary course

Duration: 2 Days


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What you will learn
• Companies Act, 2008
• Duties of the Company Secretary
• Administrative duties
• Regulations
• Practical tips on being an effective Company Secretary
• Interaction with the board and individual directors
• Interaction with shareholders
• Annual general meetings
• Minute taking
• Director induction
• Board charter and terms of reference
• Board assessment
• Ethics and whistleblowing
• Compliance and how the company secretary deals with this
Who should attend:
• Company Secretaries
• Governance professionals
• Members of and advisers to Boards of Directors
• Directors
• Chairmen
• Executive & non-executive directors

Kindly note that The King IV TM Report on Corporate Governance for South Africa 2016, Copyright and trademarks are owned by the Institute of Directors in South Africa and the IoDSA website link is: http://www.iodsa.co.za/?page=AboutKingIV

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