Level 1 Effective directorship course

Duration: 1 Day

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This course is also available in digital format.

“Now more than ever, directors and executives need to be fully informed of relevant statutory requirements and value adding corporate governance principles and recommendations in fulfilling their duties and responsibilities while steering their organisations through turbulent waters. This is not only part of being an effective and ethical leader but also of personal risk management.”
– Adv. Annamarie van der Merwe

“Governance and leadership are the yin and the yang of successful organisations. If you have leadership without governance you risk tyranny, fraud and personal fiefdoms. If you have governance without leadership you risk atrophy, bureaucracy and indifference.”
– Mark Goyder (Director of Tomorrow’s Company)

What you will learn

  • Understanding the duties, responsibilities and potential liabilities of being a director
  • The legal framework: Setting the scene
  • Playing in a legislative and regulatory minefield
  • Overview of the history of corporate governance in South Africa
  • King IV Report™ Code on Corporate Governance
  • Practical considerations in view of statutory and governance requirements

Who should attend

  • Individual directors
  • Boards of directors
  • Board Committee members
  • Public sector

Kindly note that The King IV™ Report on Corporate Governance for South Africa 2016, Copyright and trademarks are owned by the Institute of Directors in South Africa and the IoDSA website link is: http://www.iodsa.co.za/?page=AboutKingIV

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