Ethics Workshop

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About this courseTechnology affects nearly every aspect of our lives. While technology brings benefits that were almost unimaginable a decade ago (self-driving cars intended to reduce road accidents and deaths), most people agree that technology’s adverse effects need to be regulated. This has brought changes in legislation and legal compliance risk, as well as significant reputation risk. Regulators, consumers and other stakeholders expect organisations to ensure that their data is protected and their right to privacy not infringed. This has implications for boards and corporate governance, sales and marketing operations, supplier management and human resource management.

Course outlineInformation management risk should be on every organisation’s issue management list. Knowing the relevant laws and having the controls in place to ensure effective management of the relevant legal risks is essential, but that is not enough. Organisations must promote the right ethical culture and equip their people to recognise and deal with the ethical dilemmas that arise in the digital context. This course is for Finance, Marketing, Sales, Procurement, Human Resources, Legal or Compliance professionals and anyone with oversight of these activities.

What you will learn• Recognise the importance of strong ethical conduct in the digital context.
• Understand the legislative framework including obligations relating to data privacy.
• Demonstrate ethical decision making in the context of digital risks and dilemmas.
• Apply appropriate standards of governance and risk management.
• Samples and case studies
• Local and international best practices

Who should attend• Directors
• Company Secretaries
• Senior managers
• Finance, Marketing, Sales, Procurement, Human
• Resources, Legal and Compliance professionals.

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